Learn How to Navigate My Basic Bartending Course

I have made it very easy to find the start page, pick up where you left off – or simply click on a section or lesson to review and study.

There is a video coming soon on how to navigate this Free Basic bartending Course. Very soon. For now, let’s keep it simple:

You can access the course easily from any page on my website:

  • At the very top of each page on this website is the link to this “Free bartending Course” in the header menu
  • At the bottom of every lesson there is a link for the next lesson, the previous lesson, and the “Start” page of the course
  • In the right sidebar of each lesson is a link to get you back to the start page
  • The course is located at https://bartenderschoolonline.com

There are 20 Sections in My Basic Bartending Course. Each Section has anywhere between 1 and 20 lessons. I think. I keep adding lessons here and there. Some lessons are longer than others. Some lessons have videos – some don’t. Some have downloadable stuff.

Section 20, Course Resources, contains all of the PDF’s, text files, and spreadsheets. This section also has an example of a really good resume and cover letter. And a whole bunch more. Many of these items also have a direct download button or link in the lesson that it pertains to.

Note: There is a difference between my Basic Bartending Course and the Advanced Bartending Course – and the Course Resources will reflect that!

You do not have to complete each section in order! Do what you want! Remember that you have access to the entire Basic Bartending Course – There is no registration, user name, or password. I constantly add and/or update sections all the time.

At this time, I DO NOT provide you with a “Bartender School Certificate.” They’re useless, and a Bar Manager will never ask to see one. At least I’ve never heard of one ever being asked for. Maybe sometime down the road I’ll put together something nice for you.

The Website You Are Using to Take This Course

My Free Basic Bartending Course here is located at: https://bartenderschoolonline.com. Please bookmark it. This is my main site – and where you are now.

My Bartending Advanced Course is located at https://courses.bartenderschoolonline.com – and use that link if you decide to purchase that course. At the time of this writing, I have not yet put the finishing touches on the Advanced Course – so the link may not be live yet. The “courses” subdomain hosts only the Bartending Master Class, while the main domain here hosts the Basic Bartending Course, my blog, and additional pages – like a normal website.

Main Differences Between the Basic Course and Advanced Course

  • The basic course is free – the advanced course is $68 at this time. However – don’t let that fool you. Until the Advanced Course goes live, I have inserted a lot of the advanced lessons here in the free Basic Bartending Course.
  • Videos for the Basic Course are on YouTube. The Advanced Course utilizes Vimeo (No ads)
  • The lessons for the basic course here are in the form of blog posts. Lessons are presented in a casual, laid-back manner
  • The advanced course has it’s own website, very nice course software, and a registration/user name/password is needed for access. It is, well, advanced! It also has more comprehensive lessons and a ton of videos.
  • I run ads on the basic course here. Don’t worry – I manually control the amount of ads and keep it to a minimum.
  • The Advanced Course has no ads. No affiliate links. Nothing. It’s pure content – designed to aid you in securing your very first bartending job!
  • The Advanced Course really zeros in on Job Preparation and “The Job Interview.” Cutting edge stuff there, and I have held a lot of that back here in the Basic Course. Basically, that’s what you’re paying for if you decide to purchase the Advanced Course. But don’t let that fool you! My Basic Bartending Course will teach you almost everything you need to know if you’re a real go-getter. And, the Basic Course only will stack up against almost any other Online Bartending Course out there that you have to pay for!

You will be spending your time here on my main website, and everything in the Basic Bartending Course is located here. Within this course, I sometimes have links to additional in-depth information on a subject that directs you to an external site and opens in a new window. Just like regular websites.

Both websites are built using WordPress. The Master Bartender Course, located at https://courses.bartenderschoolonline.com/, is powered by LearnDash. Basically, LearnDash is a “online course” application that keeps my course organized, tracks your progress, allows you to sign in and out, and makes everything look pretty. It integrates perfectly with WordPress – which is why I chose it to organize the lessons in the Advanced Bartending Course.

This website, hosting the Basic Bartending Course, is operating under an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The website is secure. You’re secure. I know, because I installed the SSL Certificate myself. The course is NOT password protected, so feel free to move about wherever you wish.

These two websites are designed and built by me – Mark Unger. All content, videos, course sections & lessons, and resources are written entirely and exclusively by me. They are protected by copyright.

Most of the videos in this Basic Bartending Course are hosted on YouTube. Some may be hosted at Vimeo. For those of you who don’t know, Vimeo is an alternative to YouTube. The difference is that you may see ads on the YouTube videos. Not on Vimeo, as I pay a premium price to host them on their platform. And, the Bartending Advanced Course uses Vimeo – exclusively. No ads!

All videos are embedded here on the course website, which means that you never have to leave the course in order to view a video. It’s all here. And, it makes for a much faster loading time. Nice.

You can also go directly to my Bartender School Online YouTube Channel and watch these Basic Bartending Course videos – and other videos all about bartending. It’s a relatively new channel, so at this time it’s a bit sparse. Most of the videos I have completed are on Vimeo – for those that have/will be purchasing my Advanced Bartending Course.

How did I learn how to do all of this stuff? I learned how to design and code websites while working my real job as a bartender. I learned how to write properly (at least well enough to write a bartending course!), in college while working as a bartender.

And, finally, I get a lot of emails from people asking how I put all of this together. I’m all for having a great bartending job while pursuing other interests – like your own business. Anyway, you can see how I put all of this together by going to How I Put All of This Together.

Let me know if you would like to see any additional lessons added to my course! I’m always open to suggestions.

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