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About Us: Mark Unger Wearing Gray Arizona Sweatshirt

About Us: Mark Unger

I’ve been in the Food & Beverage Industry for over 25 years. Bartending, Bar Manager, General Manager, Food Server, Banquet Bartender – you name it. Dive Bars, Nightclubs, Corporate Theme Restaurants & Bars, Mom and Pop Bars, and more. Hotels provided some of the best bartending jobs ever. Scroll down for the links to my resume and background.

I’ve hired and fired more bartenders than I can remember. I’ve worked with some of the very best bartenders in the industry – and some of the worst. I KNOW what Bar Managers are looking for.

Its Been a Long Road with Lots of Adventure

As of this writing, I have worked at somewhere between 25 and 30 different bars, hotels, and restaurants. Probably forgotten a few.

Why does this matter? Experience. ALL BARS ARE DIFFERENT! You’re going to get tired of me saying that throughout my bartending course.

I’m going to show you how to land your first bartending job. Don’t listen to the naysayers! Bar Managers WILL hire inexperienced applicants.

For a list of the types of bars that I have worked at, follow the link below. This might surprise you!

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Interesting Times….

My road through the bartending world is a bit crazy. Full of twists and turns, ups and downs – and a whole lot of money. Once you get a little bit of experience, the sky’s the limit.

Whether bartending is a career choice or simply a way of earning extra money – you’re making the right choice. Check out my story below for a detailed summary of my work experience.

I currently reside in Arizona. My hobbies are golf and front-end web development. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.

I designed, built, and wrote all of the content for my blog here at

My Advanced bartending Course

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