Frequently Asked Questions

Take a quick look at our FAQ’s below. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact Mark here.

Take a look at My Resume as well as my detailed Bartending Career in “Mark’s Story.” You make the call. You won’t even get through the first section, the Introduction, before realizing that I’m the real deal.

Haha – good one! Of course. I give you 30 days to decide. No questions asked. No hassles.

My experience, for one. And, you won’t find a more detailed online bartending course out there. It’s all about landing that first bartending job – and that’s what I focus on. Once you get a few months of experience, the sky’s the limit.

Let me be very clear here. No one can teach you “Advanced Bartending Skills.” There’s no such thing. Advanced bartending skills are acquired on the job. It’s all about experience behind the bar dealing with real-world situations. Period. Sure, you could take in-person classes on speed or flair bartending – but that’s not what 95% of us bartenders do out there. It’s all about “soft skills,” and I go into great detail on this subject in the course.

Sure they are. I go over this subject in great detail in the Bartending Course. It comes down to three things: Do you want to drink? Is it legal? Is it OK with the bar owner? It’s that simple. There’s nothing wrong with “not drinking.”

Of course not. I will, however, provide you with the instruction and tools that will greatly increase your chances of landing your first bartending job – fast.

I’ll tell you the same thing that any bartender out there will tell you: It depends totally on the kind of bar you’re working at. A busy bar can net you hundreds of dollars per shift. My best shift was $1100 – on a New Years Eve.



Nope. I have bartended in only two States: Minnesota and California. There is, or was, no law forbidding drinking behind the bar. State laws change frequently, so be careful.

Yep. I go over this and the preceding two questions in great detail in the course.

Yes – in great detail. Bar policy, and the law, will dictate the handling of these situations.

Nope. Times are changing. As a manager, I went from hiring only experienced bartenders to actually looking closer at totally inexperienced applicants. It’s all about “soft skills” these days – which I cover in the course.

Good question – and I have the perfect answer. Take a look at 7 Skills and Qualities Bar Managers Are Looking For. That will open your eyes!