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Thanks so much for checking out my Free Basic Bartending Course – you won’t be disappointed! You may be wondering exactly who I am and what qualifies me to teach aspiring bartenders how to get their very first bartending job. You’ll find that I’m completely transparent about my bartending experience and years in the Food & Beverage Industry.

Note: I am currently re-shooting a lot of my videos. The introductory video here is one of them, and it will be up soon. For now, just read the content below. And, there is a ton of content in this Free Basic Course that does not require a video. Get started!

You probably saw some of my YouTube videos or read some articles about bartending on my website. Maybe you performed a quick Google search and found me and my course. Either way, here we are.

I’m going to leave my resume directly below. Well, it’s not really a resume – it’s kind of a chronological order of the bartending jobs that I have held in my lifetime. Around 25 – 30 years worth of experience as a bartender, bar manager, and general manager. And more.

So, what qualifies ME to teach YOU how to get a bartending job? Am I the fastest, greatest bartender who ever worked behind a bar? No!!! Listen, I’m a great bartender. I am a top-of-the-line bartender. But guess what? There’s a lot of exceptional bartenders out there. And, some not so good. I know because I’ve worked with a lot of them. I’ve hired them. I’ve trained them. I’ve fired them.

I’ve worked in nightclubs, piano bars, chain restaurant bars, country wester bars, hotel banquet bars and more. And made a whole lot of money doing it.

I’ll tell you what I’m not. I’m not a guy who has had a couple of bartending jobs sometime in his life and passes himself off as an expert bartender.

I’m a guy who has spent years behind the bar. Busy bars. Much of my experience is as a bar manager and general manager. I have hired, and, unfortunately, fired a lot of bartenders throughout the years. I’m the real deal.

My career as a bartender is similar to many others. In my early 20’s to my mid 30’s, I was more interested in partying, surfing, and playing 2-man basketball and volleyball up and down the coast of Southern California. Most of the time I was working the 6:00 pm– 2:00 am shift in very busy bars.

And then we start getting older. My priorities changed. Being a highly skilled bartender, who could work at any time, and anywhere, I was able to adjust my schedule and accomplish my goals. A lot of bartenders do this!

You see, after high school, instead of going to college I joined the Marine Corps. I had no college degree, but it was always in the back of my mind to eventually get one. On my bucket list, so to speak. I was also exploring the possibility of starting my own business – but not in the Food and Beverage Industry.

So, I made some changes. I grew up. I started taking college courses. I started exploring opportunities for a new business. And I always had a bartending job. At this time, I made it a point to finally stop getting suckered into bar and restaurant management positions – and just concentrated on getting bartending jobs that were close to school, the beach, or my current girlfriend’s place.

Most of the time, I worked two bartending jobs at the same time. Maybe a nightclub on Thursday through Saturday nights and weekend days working weddings at a hotel. It was all about flexibility and making the most money I possibly could in the fewest hours possible.

Eventually, I earned my bachelor’s degree in business and started my own services business – all while continuing to tend bar in order to pay the bills. After my business became successful enough to pay the bills, I still continued bartending part-time in order to pad that 401K. I wasn’t saving a whole lot of money in my 20’s! And bartending allowed me to do this. You can do this too!

A Few Facts About About My Bartending Career:

  • I have never been fired from a bartending job. Any job, for that matter
  • I did go to Bartending School when I was 20 years old
  • I have been “offered” more bartending jobs than I have applied for
  • I have turned down countless bartending job opportunities
  • Eventually, I was very “picky” in which bartending jobs I would accept
  • And, yes, I have enjoyed a few cocktails while working behind the bar!

So, scroll down and take a quick look at my “sort of” resume below. But what I’d really like you to do is read my “Bartending Story” It’s really a more comprehensive summary of my life as a bartender. I’ve been around the block, so to speak.

There you’ll find out, in depth, the places that I have worked, why I worked there, and exactly what my position or duties were. More importantly, you’ll see that once you get just a little bit of experience as a bartender – you can pretty much write your own ticket.

Again, thanks for taking a look at my free Basic Bartending Course. It took me a long time to finally complete it, and I know that it will prove immensely helpful to you in landing your first bartending job – and beyond.

Mark’s Bartending Resume – Sort Of

So, below is a quick hitter. Take a look at this stuff – and decide if I’m qualified to teach you the bartending skills you need to land your very first bartending job.

Busser/Barback/Bartender/Cook/Janitor/Dishwasher/Salad Maker/Meat Cutter

Rochester, Minnesota, High School Years – Age 14-18

Type of Bar: Huge fine dining room, two bars. One casual, one nightclub

Experience – Almost 4 years 

United States Marine Corps

San Diego, California – Age 18-21

Honorable Discharge, Sergeant (E-5)


Minneapolis, Minnesota – Age 21-22

Type of Bar: Gourmet pizza. Very busy place, 5 shifts, 40 hours/week.

Experience: A little over 1 year

Duties: Full-time bartender. Busy place, front bar and service bar.

Restaurant and Bar Manager/General Manager

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota – Age 22-25

Type of bar: Very similar to an Olive Garden or TGI Fridays.

Experience: 3 years. Final year as General Manager. 50-60 hours/week

Duties: Full profit & Loss responsibility. Because of my prior bartending experience, I was the manager usually designated to hire and train all bartenders. Promoted to General Manager after 2 years and responsible for 60 employees.

Restaurant and Bar Manager

San Diego, California

Type of Bar: Very similar to an Olive Garden or Red Lobster. 50 hours/week.

Experience: 2 Months

Duties: Basically, I was in their management training program the entire time – about 4 weeks. I resigned my position because I no longer had the desire to manage bars and restaurants. I was a bartender at heart, and the money was always better bartending instead of managing.


San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Very busy Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar.

Experience: About 1 ½ years. 40 hours/week

Duties: Bartender, food server, oyster bar cook. 90% bartending.

Bartender/Banquet Bartender

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Resort, fine dining, huge banquets, a bit “high-class” for my taste

Experience: About 8 months, part time

Duties: Bartender, banquet bartender, fine dining food server

Bartender/Bar Manager/General Manager of Multi-Units

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Nightclub, crazy busy, 40 – 60 hours/week

Side Note: Bar owner also had additional bars he owned – Eventually, I managed all of them

Experience: About 6 or 7 years, 40-70 hours/week

Duties: Bartender, Bar Manager, General manager

Bartender/Bar Manager

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Nightclub

Experience: 1 Year, 40 hours/week

Duties: Bar Manager first, then bartender

Bartender/Bar Manager/General Manager

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Nightclub

Experience: 1 year, 40 hours/week

Duties: Started as a fill-in bartender for a friend who was going on 2-week vacation. Owner asked me to take over bar manager duties.

Note: The below bartending jobs are not in chronological order. I worked all of these jobs at one time while pursuing my college degree and new business. Kind of a mix ‘n match thing. I worked some of them in combination with others. Mostly part-time. There were also additional bartending jobs that I had which were for a short time – usually helping out someone I knew in the bar business.


San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Theme Restaurant inside a mall

Experience: 1 year, part-time

Duties: Bartender


San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Private Club

Experience: 6 Months (A favor for a friend)

Duties: Bartender, Weekend Day Manager

Bar Spotter (Sometimes called a “Secret Shopper”)

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Multiple Bars in North San Diego County

Experience: 2 Years

Duties: Evaluated bars and bar staff. Sneaky stuff. Looking for theft, drug use, drinking. Worked for multiple bar owners that I knew.

Bartender/Bar Manager

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Country Western Nightclub

Experience: 6 Months

Duties: Filled in as General Manager after owner died – until his wife could sell the place. Favor for an attorney friend of mine. Crazy, out-of-control place.

Bartender/Food Server

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Banquet Bartender, 4-Star Hotel. Occasionally worked front Nightclub Bar

Experience: 3 Years, 40 hours/week

Duties: Bartender, did some server work

Bartender/Food Server

San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Banquet Bartender, 3-Star Hotel

Experience: 8 Years, part time

Duties: Head Banquet Bartender. Did some server work. Best bartending job I ever had!


San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: Banquet Bartender, 3-Star Hotel

Experience: 6 Years, part time

Duties: Bartender, did some server work


San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: 4-Star Hotel

Experience: 4 Years, part time

Duties: Banquet Bartender, Bartending off-site. Private Parties


San Diego County, California

Type of Bar: 3-Star Hotel

Experience: 4 Years, part time

Duties: Head Banquet Bartender

There you have it. A “Sort Of” resume. Again, in Mark’s Story you’ll find a much more detailed version of my resume and life as a bartender.

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