I’m so glad you’re checking out my totally Free Basic Bartending Course!

And, by the way, I don’t collect emails. I don’t require you to “Register.” You don’t need a user name or password. Nope – none of that funny business.

This course is 100% free with absolutely NO obligations or requirements! Go through the course at your own pace.

Why am I offering this Free Bartending Course? My “Advanced Bartending Course” is coming soon, so I put this “Free Basic Bartending Course” together to get some initial feedback. Enjoy!

The Master Class for Bartenders is not quite ready yet. It has taken me quite awhile to get it just right – so utilize this free course in the meantime.

There are five general, but very specific, differences between this Basic Bartending Course and my Master Class for Bartenders:

  1. There is no registration or charge for this Basic Course. The Master Class, however, is $68, lifetime, and requires you to create an account in order to pay for the course and sign in and out. It’s coming soon!
  2. The Free Basic Course is here on my main site: bartenderschoolonline.com. The Bartender Master Class is located on a subdomain: courses.bartenderschoolonline.com.
  3. The Free Basic Class lessons here on my main website are in the form of blog posts. The Bartender Master Class is on it’s own site (subdomain), and utilizes “LearnDash,” which is a fantastic software, very organized, and tracks all of your progress. Among other features, you can check off lessons that you have completed.
  4. The Bartender Master Class has everything in the Basic Course – and so much more. Mostly, tons of videos, many additional lessons which are much more comprehensive, and additional videos and lessons that focus on GETTING YOUR FIRST BARTENDING JOB!

The Biggest Difference Between Courses

By far, the biggest difference is the content in Sections 10 -16 of the Bartender Master Class. There’s so much more information, and the focus is on ‘House Policies,’ ‘Bartender vs. Customer,’ ‘Job Preparation,’ and, probably the most important section of the course: ‘The Interview.’

Section 16, ‘The Bartender Job Interview Tips and Techniques’ in the Master Class Course will knock your socks off. I know that there are a lot of inexperienced, aspiring bartenders out there that stress about going through the interview process. Mostly it’s because they have no idea what they’re going to be asked, how they should dress and conduct themselves, and how they should respond to certain interview questions. I’ve interviewed hundreds of applicants in the Food & Beverage Industry over the years – I’m really going to hook you up here. And…

I actually filmed myself asking and answering around 20 questions that you PROBABLY WILL BE ASKED IN A BARTENDER INTERVIEW. Yes, I’m on video giving a response to the most commonly asked interview questions. Fun stuff!

These additional lessons in the Bartender Master Class are going to help you, the individual bartender, perform much better and professionally behind the bar. And land your first bartending job!

Start at the very first lesson in the ‘Introduction.’ Do not skip Lesson 2 which explains how to navigate this course!

Get Moving!

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