My Primary Objective: To Help You Land Your First Bartender Job!

I want you to get a bartending job. A good one, and just as soon as possible. That’s why I put this course together. There are twenty sections in this Basic Bartending Course with somewhere around 100 lessons at this time – and they’re all geared towards you landing that first bartending job. That’s it. That’s my objective.

I want to be very clear here: Once you land your first bartending job – the sky’s the limit. You can go anywhere, work at pretty much any type of bar, and make great money working a minimal number of hours. And, bartending jobs will start finding you.

Most importantly, once you land that first bartending job, INEXPERIENCE IS NO LONGER A FACTOR IN YOUR FUTURE BARTENDING INTERVIEWS!

I’ll destroy two myths in My Basic Bartending Course:

One: That you need experience to get hired as a bartender.

Two: You need to know 100’s of drinks to get that job. Please – don’t buy into these myths!

I’ll be teaching you the basics as well as some intermediate Bartending Hard Skills. I’ll also be teaching you the “Soft Skills” that bar managers are always looking for. And, a whole lot of “What If’s” that happen during a bartending shift. Everything is geared towards you landing that first bartending job!

There is no doubt in my mind that after completing this Basic Bartending Course, you will have the confidence to go out there, interview for the job, and walk away feeling confident that you have a good shot at landing the job. That’s it. That’s want I want to accomplish.

If you take this course seriously and actually study the material – you’re going to be just fine. Bartending is a fairly easy job! Don’t fall into the trap than so many others do: The thought that bar managers will not hire inexperienced people for a bartending job. They will!

If you’re following along in the Basic Bartending Course:

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