My Course Is the Best Online Bartending Course Available

I’m assuming you bought my Bartending School Course because you have no bartending experience and really want to be a bartender. Is that a safe assumption? If so, then, really, your primary goal should be to land your first bartending job. Period.

First of all, if you haven’t already, you can read what my Bartending Course is NOT about in a previous lesson of this introduction section. Here, I’m going to focus on what my bartending course is about – and why it’s superior to any other online course out there.

You probably saw a bunch of YouTube videos or read some articles on how great bartending is. Videos on how to make cocktails. Videos about customer service problems. You name it – it’s out there. A mishmash of who knows what.

So, who’s telling the truth? Who can you trust? How do you actually go about landing your first bartending job? YouTube videos are all over the place – videos everywhere on whatever bartending subject. You need an organized plan – and I’m going to provide you with one. A very good one.

I also show you the “Soft Skills.” What are soft skills? I’ll explain that in Section 4 – Bartender Soft Skills. These are the highly coveted skills that all managers are looking for – across all industries.

Any reputable bartending course out there is going to teach you the basics. You know, how to pour alcohol, the types of alcohol, how to deal with customers – and on and on and on. That’s great, and most do a fairly decent job. I also provide all of that – and do a more thorough job by going into much more detail.

So, what about getting that first bartending job? That’s where me and my bartending course come in. Read below on how my course is different – and focused on you landing your first bartending job.

Why You Need a Bartending Course – My Course

You need to bring something to the table. You have no bartending experience, so you must substitute that lack of experience with something else – in combination with a good bartending school. I’m going to show you how to solve your “inexperienced” dilemma in later lessons. No one else is teaching this.

Are You Receiving Value For Your Money? 

How much are bartending courses online? Anywhere from $50 – $300. I actually saw one advertised for over $1000. Really? I encourage you to take other courses besides mine. Really, enroll in them. No value? Ask for your money back.

The difference between online and in-person bartending schools?

Moneywise, anywhere between $100 and thousands of dollars. I’m a big fan of bartending schools – I really am. But these days with YouTube and an online course like mine – there’s really no reason to spend big bucks on an in-person class.

However, I understand that there are many people who have some difficulty staying motivated without a schedule. Or, they’re really shy and would prefer getting their feet wet in a bar-type scenario. You can get that training at an in-person school – but do you really need it? Is it worth it? You have to make the call. The bottom line is that I will never tell you to NOT take additional training.

Focus on getting your first job!

That’s what I focus on. Getting you your first job. Of course I’m going to teach you the “hard skills.” How to pour, customer service, types of alcohol and on and on. But I’ll be going a lot further.

Advanced Bartending

A Bartending School cannot teach you “Advanced Bartending.” There is no such thing. The only advanced bartending training is your first couple of months on the job. And then years after that.

I’m not saying you need years of experience to reach the level of “exceptional bartender.” I’m just saying that the more experience you have the better you’ll get. It’s the same in any industry.

Mark Unger: My Bartending School

Well, that’s fine and dandy, Mark. But why do you call your paid course the “Advanced Bartending Course?” Good question, and it’s mostly because I don’t like using the word “master,” and I had a hard time coming up with a catchy name. I also don’t like the work “élite.”

So, to answer your question, my paid course is just that: An advanced “course.” It teaches advanced ways of landing your first bartending job – and not the skills that you will acquire working years behind the bar. Does that make sense? Semantics, I guess.

What other bartending courses focus on

Speed pouring, liquor recipes, flair bartending. Hard Skills. Nothing that really teaches you how to get your first bartending job. Ugh. I’ll teach exactly what you need to feel confident in your skills and walk into that interview believing that you have a great chance at landing the job.

Get Your Dream Job

Your very first bartending job is probably not going to be exactly what you had in mind. I hope your goals are much bigger. A better gig, more money, better hours. With my training, you’ll be better prepared to continue getting interviews and landing that “dream job.”

Banquet Bartending

So misunderstood and underappreciated that I added a full section to my course. Banquet bartending is a great place to start – and the perfect part-time gig. I’m going to show you how easy it is to get a job in this segment of the Food and Beverage Industry.

Job Preparation

Here’s where my course really excels. This is Section 15, and along with Section 16, “The Job Interview,” it’s the most important part of the course. A well-thought-out plan will put you so far ahead of your competitors.

I give you a nice taste of these two sections here in the Basic Bartending Course. The Advanced Bartending Course is loaded with information.

The Job Interview

Here’s where it’s at. The newest techniques on how to “wow” that interviewer and get hired on the spot. We’re going to replace your inexperience with other skills – along with awesome tips and cutting-edge techniques.

  • A list of potential interview questions you may be asked. And, the best answers.
  • Questions you should and should not ask during the interview.
  • Physical appearance and tips for entering the property (This is important!)
  • The mini interview – and why it’s important
  • Your closing statement and exit

Times are changing. Bar managers are looking for very specific qualities. And, they’re going to look hard at your past experience – no matter what type of job(s) you have had. It’s all about likeability and trustworthiness.

Back Bar Showing Top Shelf Liquors

And, here is something that will blow you away:

I actually film myself asking and answering interview questions (In the Advanced Bartending Course). This is a real eye-opener. Me, on video, answering a whole lot of interview questions in ways that you probably never even thought of. Very effective ways. Ways that will help you get hired.

If you watch these videos, and practice a little bit so you get comfortable, you will have the confidence to ace that interview.

No one else does this!

Sections 15 and 16 are my pride and joy – especially in the Advanced Bartending Course. I, myself, have interviewed for many different bartending jobs throughout the years. As a bar manager, I have also interviewed more would-be bartenders than I can count. I’m really going to hook you up here.

If you’re following along in the Basic Bartending Course:

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