Q. Is this section important for landing that first bartending job?

A. Yes. As I have said many times throughout this course – you have to bring something to the table. You have no experience, so showing the interviewer that you’re taking this stuff seriously by practicing at home will go a long way towards landing that job.

Q. Will interviewer’s ask me if I have practiced my pouring?

A. Maybe. Again, they’ll know that you have no experience. When you get to the next Section, Section 16 – Interview Tips, I’ll be showing you how to slip this little nugget (attending bartending school and practicing your pouring), into one of your interview answers.

Bartender Straining Blue Cocktail

This is a very short lesson. and there is no video. I just wanted to remind you to practice a little bit. Not only will it help you on your first week on the job, but now you’ll be able to honestly say that you have practiced at home.

You need to practice your pouring skills. There is no need to practice pouring draft beer, wiping down a bar, or washing dirty glasses. You’ll pick that up on your very first day – and the interviewer knows this.

And as far as practicing your liquor pouring – it’s actually quite easy. I went over pouring techniques in Section 3 – Hard Skills, so re-visit that section if needed.

Pouring liquor is easy. I’d be willing to bet that after watching my pouring video, and practicing a little bit each day – for only a few days – you’ll have this down.

In an upcoming lesson in this section, Lesson 15, I’ll show you what equipment to purchase – and where to get it. Don’t make it harder than what it really is!

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