Bartending is the Most Awesome Job Ever!

You purchased my bartending course – or you jumped into the Free Basic Bartending Course. You’re here. Obviously, that tells me that you want to be a bartender. Maybe you need a part-time job. Or, you just turned 21 and want to live a crazy life for a while. That’s what I did. There are so many advantages to being a bartender that you may not be aware of. Let me explain.

The Money is Great

To me, working the least number of hours and making the most money possible is where it’s at. Full disclaimer here: This may not happen on your very first bartending job. But, if you follow the plan laid out in my course here, you will eventually land that “almost perfect” job. And, it takes a lot less time than you might think.

Bartender Counting Cash Tips

Flexible Hours

Going to school? Juggling family responsibilities? Trying to pad the 401K? Bartending is for you. Once you begin to understand that there are so many types of bars, bartending jobs, and different areas of your city to work in – you’re never without a job. And, with just a few months of experience – you’re golden.

You Don’t Need a License

You can work anywhere in the country, and once you get a little bit of experience you increase your chances of getting hired 10-fold. And, if you really like “craziness,” you’re in the right job.

Meeting People

Good people. Business contacts, future good friends – maybe a life partner. And, there’s no getting around this, if you’re into “hook-ups,” you probably found the right job. Listen, I was in my twenties at one time – I know what it’s like. Just be careful. More on that later in the course.

The Possibilities are Endless

If you read about my history of bartending in “Mark’s Story,” you’ll realize that knowing how to tend bar can be a lifelong asset.

An Extended List of Advantages to Being a Bartender:

Bartender Straining Pink Cocktail In Martini Glass
  1. Great Money
  2. Flexible hours
  3. Meet a lot of people – contacts for other parts of your life
  4. Lifelong friends
  5. If you’re into hook-ups, you’re in the right job!
  6. Choose the type of bar/environment you want to work in
  7. No license
  8. If you like crazy – you’re in the right place!
  9. You can work anywhere in the country
  10. Easy to get work if you have some experience
  11. Favorable to students
  12. A great second job
  13. Extra money to invest


Bartending is a great job. In fact, it’s beyond great. Once you get a few months of experience, you’re going to find that the jobs find you!

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