Landing that first bartending job, fast, is all about motivation and organization – and having a detailed plan that works efficiently and effectively.

Bartender Job Seekers Need a Plan

This lesson is very short. I want to get you actually doing something very quick – looking at the Quick Start List in the very next lesson and lining up “to do” tasks that will help get you off to a running start.

You’re here. You’re taking the Free Basic Bartending Course or enrolled in my Advanced Bartending Course. Obviously, you’re motivated to learn some basic skills and land your first bartending job. That’s great, and I’m here to help motivate you even more – and give you the tools to feel confident when you sit down for that interview.

I’m reasonably sure I don’t need to give you any sort of pep talk here. We’re all adults, and understand that if we want something – we need to go out and grab it. So it is with a bartending job. I’ll focus on organization here.

Getting Your First Bartending Job

It’s a numbers game. If you apply at X number of places, you will get X number of interviews. The more interviews you get, the better chance you have of getting hired. It’s that simple. I go into much more detail in Section 15 – Job Preparation.

In order to apply at the most places possible, in the least amount of time, it’s important that you stay organized. The Quick Start List in the following lesson will allow you to do just that.

That doesn’t mean you simply glance at all of the other sections and just go completely off of the Quick Start List! No, the Quick Start List is just a list to help you stay organized. It has many items on there that are in Sections 15 and 16 – Job Preparation and The Job Interview – but there’s not a lot of details. It’s just a list!

The whole idea here, is to get some things done while you’re going through the course. You know, updating your resume, practicing pouring, maybe submitting your resume and cover letter online to the major Food & Beverage Corporate Theme Restaurants and Bars. It will make more sense to you as you go along.

Of course, if you’re really in no hurry, you can finish the entire course and then start knocking off those tasks. It’s up to you.

Side Note: There is nothing wrong with quickly reading Sections 15 and 16 first – it will give you a good idea of how to utilize the Quick Start List. I have set up the course in “Free Form,” so you can jump around to whatever section or lesson you wish. You DO NOT have to go in the order they are presented!

Remember that there is no rush! I know that some of you are really anxious to get started – but there’s nothing wrong with taking your time and progressing through the course as it is designed.

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