The Human Resources Department plays a huge role in the success of a bar or restaurant. Especially in larger chain-type restaurants and hotels. Let’s take a closer look.

Human Resources Responsibilities

Below is a list of some of the responsibilities of an effective Human Resources Department:

  • Controls employee compensation and bonus’s
  • Evaluate and screen potential employees
  • Manages payroll, overtime, holiday pay and more
  • Manages employee contracts and other job offers
  • Creates well-detailed plans for the hiring process
  • Keeps track of overtime, scheduling, and vacation/sick days
  • Monitor online applications
  • Tracks turnover rates and recruiting efforts
  • Makes sure all employees follow health and safety laws
  • Arbitrates employee and management disputes

I won’t go into any great detail here. Just know that if your immediate supervisor or the management team as a whole cannot resolve any issues you may have – it might be time to get Human Resources involved.

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