Q. Will knowing all about wine help me get my first bartending job?

A. Probably not. You should know that most bars carry a white, a red, a rose (White zinfandel, Pinot Noir), and some brand of champagne.

Q. Will I be asked any questions about wine during the interview?

A. I really doubt it. Unless you’re applying at a wine bar or fine dining establishment.

There is no video for this section, and only two lessons: This very short introductory lesson and the next lesson where I provide you with some basic information on wine.

Wine Tips – For the Bartender Interview

Just like beer, there’s not a whole lot you need to know when getting that first bartending job. In the next lesson, I’ll fill you in on some basics – please don’t stress about this.

Be prepared, and do/know the following:

  • Always carry a wine opener in your pocket – even during the interview. I have a nice real-life story about this in Section 15 – Bartender Job Preparation.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to know what wines the bar carries. Great tips in Section 15 – Job Preparation.
  • Unless you work in a wine bar, you really don’t need to know any “wine cocktail” recipes. Just know that a wine cooler is simply whatever type of wine the customer asks for plus some 7-Up. A wine spritzer has some soda. Tall, with ice. Easy.

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