Bartenders Need To Pour Liquor Properly

Important! The brand-new pouring video is being re-done and re-edited. Stay tuned!

Q: Will knowing how to properly pour liquor help me get a bartending job?

A. Of course. Knowing the basics of pouring liquor will also really help you out during your first week or two of bartending.

Q. Will the interviewer ask me questions about pouring liquor?

A. Probably. However, remember that bar owners and managers are very profit oriented. You might get asked how much liquor goes into a couple of different types of drinks. The safe answer to that is always something like, “Generally speaking, an ounce and a half for regular drinks, a little more for on-the-rocks, martini’s and specialty drinks. I’ll follow whatever the House Policy is.” During the interview, you might slip in something like, “I have my own liquor pouring measuring devices and practice all the time.”

This lesson is all about the video. Pay attention! I’m going to show you how to pour. Nothing fancy here – just an efficient way to pour with no waste. The vast majority of bartenders pour this way.

Side Note: If there’s two things that inexperienced bartenders stress out about most it’s memorizing drinks and the proper way to pour liquor. Both are simple – and after watching this video you’ll see that it’s easy and nothing to worry about.

In the video, I’ll also show you how to practice, and what tools you’ll need. Enjoy!

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