Q. Why is this Section on Bar Operations important?

A. You should have a general idea of how a bar operates. I know that many people taking my bartending course have never worked in a bar or restaurant. This entire section on “Bar Operations” is designed to give you a basic idea of how a bar runs.

Q. Will I be asked anything about bar operations during the interview?

A. Very likely. Being a brand-new bartender, you won’t be asked anything technical; however, you may be asked something basic. Trust me – it’s a very good idea to know the basics.

Before we move on, I want to reiterate something here: You are a brand-new bartender. You have no experience. You MUST bring something to the table! The more you show (in the interview), that you’re taking your new career choice seriously – and are doing whatever you can to land that job – the more likely the interviewer will take you seriously.

Including this introductory lesson, there are 8 total lessons is this “Bar Operations” section. You can get through them rather quickly, so just give them a good read and move on. It’s interesting stuff, so you’re probably going to easily retain most of this stuff.

This is just an introductory lesson explaining why knowing a little bit about bar operations may help you look good in that job interview. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • General Bar Operations
  • Liquor Pouring Costs
  • How a Bar Prices Their Drinks
  • Human Resources
  • Vendors
  • Profit and Loss
  • Bar Employee Benefits

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