I’ve Got Plenty of Bartender Course Resources

Tons of resources. I have designed almost all of these resources to be downloadable. In different formats, too, so you won’t have any trouble opening them. I have two different bartending courses and you are currently here at the “Free Basic Bartending Course.” The downloads are different for the “Advanced Bartending Course.”

Throughout the course, I have mentioned many different resources in some of the lessons. There may or may not be a download button for those resources right in that lesson. If there is – then I’ll point that out in that particular lesson. Easy-peasy.

Either way, I wanted you to have a separate “Resources” section where you could access all materials in the course and read, download, or pursue links to other websites with additional information.

I’ll be continually adding to and updating this section in the coming weeks, months and years. I have added instructions and tips to each section.

It Depends On Which Course You’re Enrolled In!

At this time, my only course that is available and “Live” is the Free Basic Bartending Course. That’s where you are now! If you read my message on my front page (bartenderschoolonline.com), you’ll know that this free course, at this time, is a bit of a “hybrid.”

The “Paid” ($68 at this time, and coming soon) Advanced Bartending Course has more resources. Thus, the first section below has only the Free Basic Course Resources. Don’t be discouraged – there’s plenty of “stuff” in those resources that will really help you out.

And, just a heads up: You really should read my front page here op this website as it explains everything about the upcoming Advanced Bartender Course – and how you can get it free for lifetime!

My Advanced Bartending Course is coming soon. At that time, I will be adjusting the entire course. Of course, the free course will always be here, and free, but I may add or subtract some lessons here and there. And some course resources.

You will be able to download Excel/Word documents for all resources – and you can edit them. It’s all here. And, it might be a good idea to simply take some photos with your smart phone of some of the lists of instructions I provide. That’s the easy way!

Good luck, and if there is anything else you would like me to add to this section – shoot me an email!


The Free Basic Bartending Course Resources:

Cover Letter

Bar Procedures

100 Cocktails

The Alcohols

Action Plan Checklist

My Two Favorite Sites For Blowing Away the Interviewer and Landing your First Bartending Job:

Charisma on Command

Deniz Sasal

I’ve found that many brand-new and inexperienced bartenders can get really stressed out over memorizing drinks. Don’t be! I’m a big fan of “Anki,” which is a spaced repetition system for learning almost any subject. And it’s free. Along with mnemonics, it got me through college. I have designed a complete “deck” for you that will make any memorizing a piece of cake.

I’m also currently in the process of making a very simple audio file of all common drinks and alcohol brands. Fairly simple – all you need to do is download the Mp3 to any device and hit play.

Advanced Bartending Course Resources:

The Advanced Bartending Course includes all of the Free Basic Bartending Course resources, plus:

Advanced Checklist

Download Here

Advanced Resumes

Download Here

Advanced Cover Letters

Download Here

Anki Files

Download Here

Audio Files

Download Here

Observing Bartenders

Download Here

Questions to Ask Interviewer

Download Here

Interview Follow-Up System

Download Here

Working Bartender Checklist

Download Here

And, of course, once again I’ll give you quick links to “My Stuff”

Mark’s Resume

Mark’s Bartending Story

How I Wrote and Compiled My Bartending Courses

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