Here we go. This section (Section 15) about “Bartender Job Preparation” and the very next section (Section 16), on the “Bartender Job Interview Tips and Techniques” are probably the most important sections in this entire course. I put a lot of time into this, and you’re going to feel extremely confident in landing your first bartending job after going through these sections.

You really need to pay attention to this entire section. I’m going to show you the best way to tilt the odds in your favor over your competitors for that bartending job. And, I’ll help you get organized.

But, here’s the deal

You are here at the Free Basic Bartending Course. I offer here only a few lessons in this section. They’re good lessons – and will really help you out – but they are nothing compared to my “Advanced Bartending Course.”

My Free Basic Bartending Course provides you with everything you need to know about Basic Bartending. And then some. In fact, this free course is probably better than any other online bartending course out there.

That being said, I have reserved the “really good stuff” in these two sections for my paid course. I’m not going to provide those lessons here. Nor will I provide the advanced lessons in the “Job Interview Tips and Techniques” section coming up next.

Why? Because I put a lot of time into my “Paid” course. And, what my Bartending Courses are really about is getting you your first bartending job. They should really be titled “The How To Get Your First Bartending Job” courses.

I teach stuff in this “Job Preparation” section that no one else is teaching. Especially the paid course. It’s valuable, and will immensely improve your chances of getting that bartending job.

So, it is what it is. Below are the differences between my two Bartending Courses – and these two sections:

Here is what is covered in the Free Basic Bartending Course

  • This Introduction
  • Physical Appearance
  • Alcohol Awareness and Food Handler’s Card
  • Basic Resume and Cover Letter
  • Springboard Hospitality Jobs
  • Types of Bars New Bartenders Should Apply At
  • Ongoing Practice
  • Ordering Bartender Liquor Pouring Practice Kits

Here is what is covered in the “Advanced Bartending Course”

  • Introduction to Bartender Job Preparation
  • The Advanced “Action Plan” Checklist
  • Springboard Hospitality Jobs
  • Advanced Resume and Cover Letter Tips and Techniques
  • It’s a Numbers Game
  • Scrubbing Social Media
  • Where to Apply
  • How to Apply
  • Scheduling and Mapping
  • Physical Appearance
  • Investigating Company’s (And Bars!)
  • Observe Working Bartenders
  • Alcohol Awareness Training and Food Handler’s Card
  • Ongoing Practice
  • Ordering Bartender Practice Kits

This lesson, and the entire section, is about preparedness, staying organized, having an action plan, and feeling confident that you can hit the pavement and go get your first bartending job. All practical stuff here.

Side Note: Above all else – apply at every single bar and restaurant you run across! Getting your first bartending job, with no experience, depends so much on getting out there and applying. It’s a numbest game, my fellow bartenders!

If you’re prepared – which this section helps you with – the job interview will be a breeze. And, yes, Bar Managers WILL hire inexperienced applicants!

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