Q. Will Knowing Bar sanitation help me get my first bartending job?

A. Possibly. Proper bar sanitation in the Food & Beverage Industry has always been a big deal. It’s even bigger these days. Sanitation is all about common sense. Washing hands, sanitizing glasses, and properly clearing dirty dishes.

Q. Will any questions on sanitation be asked by the interviewer?

A. Maybe. I always asked a question about sanitation – but that’s just me. You might get something like, “What do you put in each of the three sinks used for washing glasses?”

Bartender Practicing Proper Bar Sanitation

As I mentioned above, sanitation is vitally important. Health Inspectors do not mess around, and the last thing the bar owner wants is a less than “A” rating. Read through the following 4 lessons and you should be up to speed – at least enough to be able to answer basic questions if they should come up during the interview.

This bar sanitation section has five lessons:

  • This Introductory Section
  • General Sanitation Practices
  • The Food Handler’s Card
  • The Health Inspector
  • The 3-Sink Glass Washing System

Bar sanitation is serious business – and it gets more serious every day. For some additional in-depth information on the United States Food Codes, check out the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

Let’s move on to some more comprehensive bar sanitation topics…

If you’re following along in the Basic Bartending Course:

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