Besides Sections 15 & 16 – Job Preparation and Job Interview Techniques, this is the most important section of the course!

All bars have their own set of house policies. Everything from drinking on the job, tipping, checking ID’s, and free drinks. And so much more. It is your job to know these policies – and follow them.

Sidewalk Sign Showing Dress Code

One of the very first things you will learn about as a new hire is the general house policies that every bar out there has. It is your job to know exactly what these policies are. If you’re confused about any of them – be sure to clarify with management.

We’re Going to Discuss the Following House policies

  • Bar Managers and Owners
  • The Law/Over-Serving/ID’s
  • General House Policies
  • Checking ID’s
  • How Bartender’s Rip Off the House
  • How Bartenders Rip Off Customers
  • How Bar Managers Prevent Theft
  • Why Bartenders Get Fired
  • Drinking On the Job
  • Law Enforcement Visiting Your Bar
  • Unruly Customers/Bar Fights/Cutting People Off
  • Free Drinks/Tabs/Waste/Spills
  • The POS System/Liquor Cost
  • And Much More…

We’ll dive into all of the above topics, as this is one of the most important sections of the course. I have seen more bartenders get fired simply because they failed to follow some very general house policies. Don’t let that be you!

Really, it comes down to to things: The law in your area regarding alcohol policies and the Bar Owner’s own House Policies. It’s that simple.

If you’re getting ready to enter the bartending profession, and you’re under 21 years of age, check out this site: Alcohol Policy Information System.

Follow the Bar House Policies

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