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All About Wine

(Section 8 of the Bartending Course)

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Wine – The Easiest Part of Bartender Training

For brand-new bartenders, wine knowledge is the easiest to acquire. Beer is a close second. Really. The exceptions, of course, would be if you’re applying at a fine dining establishment or a bar that specializes in offering many different types of wine.

Most bars have your basic red, white, and rose. Probably a White Zinfandel and a Chardonnay. And full/individual bottles of champagne. That’s about it. All bars are different!

I don’t go into the history of wine – or how it’s made, but there is a very good article I ran across that explains some finer points of this tasty beverage. Check out Wine Folly.

Poured by the glass or sold by the bottle – usually by the glass. Many bars have their house wines on a wine dispenser – similar to the “liquor gun.” Easy stuff, and don’t stress about this. Most bars supply the wine openers – I preferred a specific type of opener and always carried it.

Wine Topics

Introduction to Wine Knowledge



Stocking (Tubs, my experience setting up for rush)

Tips/Suggestive Selling


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