Q. Will this lesson help me get my first bartending job?

A. Yes, probably. In many states, bartenders are required to have Alcohol Awareness and/or Food Handler’s Cards. You will have a decided advantage over other applicants if you already have these items and training in your possession. Count on it.

Q. Will I be asked anything about a Food Handler’s Card or Alcohol Awareness Training during the interview?

A. You might. I always asked applicants if they had their Food Handler’s Card. I never worked in a State where Alcohol Awareness Training was required – but if I did, I would certainly ask.

We discussed the “Food Handler’s Card” in Section 9 – Bar Sanitation, Lesson 3. Alcohol Awareness training was discussed in Section 11 – House Policies, Lesson 3.

Bartender Studying For Alcohol Awareness Card

So, if we already discussed these topics, why am I going over them again? Because it is so important that you have already completed this training. This is just part of this “Job Preparation” section. Yes, be prepared – have those cards in your possession during your interviews.

As we discussed in previous lessons, you may or may not be required to have one, if not both, of these training classes under your belt. Obviously, if your State does not require them – then you can skip this lesson.

I believe that in the very new future, all States are going to require both types of this training. I’m all for it.

And, when Covid 19 hit there were many changes put in place regarding bar sanitation.

Get qualified! It just may be the tipping factor in you getting hired over your competitors. Yes, many bars and restaurants have their own training programs (approved by the State), but don’t count on it.

Bar managers are looking for bartenders that can hit the ground running. The interviewer will simply tick off that mental checkbox she has somewhere in her head. If you get qualified with the proper training, you WILL have a distinct advantage.

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