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The Possibilities Are Endless as a Bartender

(Section 18 of the Bartending Course)

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Yes, the Possibilities Really are Endless!

You have been bartending now for a year. Or possibly just a few months – even weeks. Maybe you got lucky and landed a really good bartending job as your very first gig. But what if it’s just so-so? Maybe the hours aren’t all that great, the tips are a bit scanty, and management is so inconsistent you have no idea what’s gong on. It’s time to level up.

The possibilities really are endless. Look for a couple of part-time gigs – bartending jobs that fit your schedule. Maybe work some weekend days at a hotel as a banquet bartender (Weddings are very lucrative!). Work a nightclub on Friday/Saturday nights.

A Great tip: In my Bartending Course, I generally steer you away from first going out and applying at busy nightclubs. Any really busy bar, really. However, once you get a little experience, and the “nightclub scene” is your desired landing spot – go for it. Here’s the deal: Many bartenders working at busy nightclubs will work just the weekends. That leaves the weekdays for the newer or less experienced bartenders. Take the day shift if offered! Fill the need, blow them away with your bartending skills – and grab the coveted weekend shifts.

Apply as a server at a really busy 4 or 5 star hotel. Believe me, it won’t be long before they ask you to step in as a bartender. Is there a bar that’s close by that you really want to work at? You might be a perfect fit. Review Section 15, Job Preparation, and Section 16, The Job Interview. Go for it!

I go into much more detail in my Bartender School Online Course. I’ll give you a modified plan to “level up” and land that dream bartending job – or a second job. You need a plan, and I have it.

Advantages of Being a Bartender

The Possibilities Really Are Endless!

Leveling Up

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Pursuing Other Interests

Is Management in Your Future?

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