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20 Bartender Course Sections

Free Basic Bartending Course

11. Bar House Policies

Lesson 1: Legal Requirements for Bartending

Lesson 2: Introduction To Bar House Policies

Lesson 3: General Bar House Policies

Lesson 4. Bar Owners and Managers

Lesson 5. The Law/Alcohol Awareness Training

Lesson 6. Checking ID’s

Lesson 7. Law Enforcement Visiting Your Bar

Lesson 8. Cutting People Off

Lesson 9. Unruly Customers/Bar Fights

Lesson 10. Tabs/Waste/Spills

Lesson 11. Free Drinks

Lesson 12. Drinking On the Job

Lesson 13: POS System and Liquor Cost

Lesson 14. Bartenders and Fellow Employees

Lesson 15. Bartenders and Their Break Time

Lesson 16. Smoking/Vaping

Lesson 17. Tip Pools

Lesson 18. How Bartenders Rip Off the House

Lesson 19. How Bartenders Rip Off the Customer

Lesson 20: How Bar Managers Prevent theft

Lesson 21. Why Bartenders Get Fired

12. Bartender vs. Customer

Lesson 1: Introduction to Bartender vs. Customer

Lesson 2: Common Scenarios and Solutions

Lesson 3: Things Bartenders Should Not Do

Lesson 4: Mind Boggling Questions Customers Ask

13. Bar Operations

Lesson 1: Introduction to Bar Operations

Lesson 2: General Bar Operations

Lesson 3: Liquor Pouring Costs

Lesson 4: Setting Bar Drink Prices

Lesson 5: Vendors

Lesson 6: Profit and Loss

Lesson 7: Human Resources

Lesson 8. Bartender Benefits

14. Banquet Bartending

Lesson 1: Introduction to Banquet Bartending

Lesson 2: All About Banquet Bartending

15. Job Preparation

Lesson 1: Introduction to Job Preparation

Lesson 2: Physical Appearance

Lesson 3. Alcohol Awareness/Food Handlers Card

Lesson 4: Basic Resume and Cover Letter

Lesson 5. Springboard Hospitality Jobs

Lesson 6: Bars to Apply At

Lesson 7: Ongoing Practice

Lesson 8: Order Liquor Pouring Practice Kit

16. Bartender Job Interview

Lesson 1: Introduction to Interview Tips

Lesson 2: The First Steps

Lesson 3: Questions You Might Be Asked

Lesson 4: Questions You Should Ask

Lesson 5: Questions You Should Never Ask

Lesson 6: Interview: How Would You Make This Drink?

17. Your 1st Thirty Days

Lesson 1: Your First 30 Days On the Job

Lesson 2: List of Do’s and Don’ts

18. Possibilities are Endless

Lesson 1: Bartenders Have Endless Possibilities

19. Bar Terms & Slang

Lesson 1: All Bar Terms and Slang

20. Course Resources

Basic Bartending Course Resources