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Quick Start Tips and Techniques for Landing Your First Bartending Job

(Section 2 of the Bartending Course)

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It’s All About Organization and Motivation

There are only two lessons here in Section Two – an introductory video in Lesson One, and the “Quick Start List” in Lesson Two. Everything in the quick start list is just that – a list. Full details are discussed throughout the course material.

Landing that first bartending job, fast, is all about motivation and organization – and having a detailed plan that works efficiently. The “Quick Start” list will help you stay organized and prioritize the tasks you need to work on first.

Please take a moment to view the opening video – it’s very important before you start! As with almost all of my bartending lessons that contain videos, if you scroll down below the video you’ll see additional information that you can read if you’re in a situation where watching/listening to videos is not advised – or allowed.

*IMPORTANT! Where do you live? If you live in an area that has only 10 or so bars, restaurants, hotels, etc., within 30 miles – then it would be worth your while to go through the entire course FIRST before going out there and interviewing for jobs. You may get only one shot at an interview, and if you’re unprepared – you’re toast.

On the other hand, if you live in a major metropolis, it may be worth your while to quickly run through these “Quick Start” tasks and go for it. Choose wisely, my friends!

Sections 15 and 16 (Job Preparation and the Job Interview), are really the heart of this course, and you should have a firm grasp of what you’re up against – and how you can set yourself up through job preparation and ace the interview. You may not get a second chance!

Quick Start Tasks

*IMPORTANT: I would recommend completing all sections of this course BEFORE actually going out there and dropping off resumes. However, there are tasks that you can get a head start on while working your way through the lessons.

You may have done a quick run-through of this course (or parts of it), and realized that people out there weren’t telling the truth – yes, you CAN get hired with no experience. You then may decide that you can pull it off by immediately going out and applying for bartending jobs – without thoroughly going through the course. Careful!

I’m also aware that many of you are real “go-getters,” and wish to hit the ground running. That’s great, but I’d really ne disappointed to learn you failed to land a job because you were unprepared.

YOU have to decide if the risk in applying/showing up for bartender job interviews before completing the course is worth it. It may bite you in the butt!

Many of the steps in this “Quick Start” section, lesson two, are, of course, in Section 15 – Job Preparation. Section 15 has much more detail. The main purpose for the “Quick Start” section is to provide you with some tasks to complete while you’re going through the course and studying. A head start, so to speak.

There’s nothing wrong with “mixing it up,” and getting a head start on what you’ll be doing to prepare for the job. The quick start lesson has the organized list of tasks you can be working on while going through the course.

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