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All About Beer

(Section 7 of the Bartending Course)

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Beer – You Just Need the Basics

Learning about beer is another easy part of the Bartender Training Process. Almost as easy as wine. Really, tap or bottle? Like the wine section, I don’t go into too much detail here as it’s pretty basic. You can learn more about the history and other good stuff at VinePair.

Once hired, you will most likely be given a list of the types of beers that particular establishment carries. Hopefully, they’ll also give you a list of all their alcohols as well as pricing structure. Easy stuff. I’ll teach all of the other things you need to know like avoiding flat beer, pouring beer with a proper head, and making sure your glassware is “beer clean.” Another section of the course that’s stress free.

draft beer with a nice head

Beer Topics

Introduction to Beer



Stocking (Tubs, my experience setting up for rush)


Beer Equipment

What does “Beer Clean” mean?

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