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Bartender School Online Course Layout

Here you go. Lots of goodies here. I constantly update, add, and rearrange some sections and chapters – but you’ll get a very good idea of what my Bartender Course is all about by looking at the outline below.

Many of the sections and chapters/sub-sections will have videos. I try to keep the videos short and to the point, but rest assured that everything I talk about in the video is probably going to be in written form also. Lots of graphics, too.

Once you enroll in the Bartending Course, you will have a very simple sign-in page that directs you to the course and all of the lessons. It’s very user friendly, so you should have no problems. In the very first section, I have a nice video that will explain exactly how to sign in and use the course. Simple stuff, actually.

Directly below, you can see how the User Interface looks. I use LearnDash, which is a WordPress plug-in specifically designed for online courses. It allows me to add all of my written content and videos directly into the program. It looks like the first graphic below.

Bartender School Online Course Layout

Below are all 20 sections of the course. I have listed ONLY the section headings with just a few of the chapters/topics. I have, however, provided a link in each section below to a page that will give you more detail and a fairly good idea of what that particular section is about.

Section 1: Introduction

1. Welcome – Meet Mark
2. How to Navigate This Course
  • And a few more Chapters. For a bit more information, go to my Introduction page.

Section 2: Quick Start

1. It’s all about motivation and organization
2. Quick Start List

*The above are the only two chapters in this section. For more information, head on over to the Quick Start page.

Section 3: Hard Skills

1. Pouring Liquor
2. Behind the Bar – Your Work Area
3. Bartender Tools       

*About 15-20 sections total. More information at the Bartender Hard Skills page.

Section 4: Bartender Soft Skills

1. Bartender Soft Skills Introduction
2. General Soft Skills
3. Bartender Soft Skills

*Many more chapters. You can find out more about Bartender Soft Skills here.

Section 5: Liquor

1. All About Liquor Introduction
2. Pouring Cost
3. Liquor Types and Brands

*Many more chapters. Check out my All About Liquor page here.

Section 6: Cocktail Recipes

1. The “Top 50”
2. The Top 20″ Shooters
3. Memorizing Cocktail Recipes

*A few more chapters. More information can be found here at Cocktail Recipes.

Section 7: Beer

1. All About Beer – Introduction
2. Bottles, kegs, foam, co2, glassware

*A few more chapters. More information about the Beer Section here.

Section 8: Wine

1. All About Wine – Introduction
2. Types/Brands/Pouring

*A few more sections. Learn more about my Wine Section here.

Section 9: Bar Sanitation

1. Introduction to Sanitation
2. Food Handlers Card
3. 3-Sink Glass Washing Method
4. Health Inspector

*A few more sections on sanitation, which you can check out here.

Section 10: Customer Service

1. Introduction to Customer Experience
2. Acknowledging the customer – #1 Thing
4. Tipping Policies
5. Common Scenarios

*Many more sections, which you can find in the customer service section.

Section 11: Bar House Policies

1. Introduction to Bar House Policies
2. Bar Managers and Owners
3. General House Policies
4. Drinking on the Job
5. ID’s
6. Free Drinks – Not your bar. Comp tabs. Waste/Spills.
7. Short Pouring/Over Pouring
8. Theft

*Many more topics. More information in the Bar House Policies section.

Section 12: Bartender Vs. Customer

1. Introduction to Bartender vs Customer
2. 50+ Stupid Questions
3. 50+ Common Scenarios and solutions
4. Questions Never to Ask a Customer
5. How Bartenders Rip Off Customers

*And a whole lot more. Bartender vs. Customer can be found here.

Section 13: Bar Operations

1. Introduction to Bar Operations
2. The Bar Owner’s Responsibility
3. General Bar Operations
4. Pouring Costs/Inventory/Pricing
5. Human Resources

*Many more sections, and more details in the Bar Operations section.

Section 14: Banquet Bartending

1. Introduction to Banquet Bartending
2. General Banquet Bartending
3. Bars vs. Banquets

*Many more topics, found in Banquet Bartending.

Section 15: Job Preparation

1. Introduction to Job Preparation
2. My Action Plan – Prepare to be Blown Away!
3. Scheduling/Mapping
4. Resume/Cover Letter
5. It’s a Numbers Game

*Much more information in the Job Preparation section.

Section 16: The Job Interview

1. General Job Interview Introduction
2. What the Bar Manager is Looking For
3. Interview Questions
4. Why Are They Interviewing You?
5. Personality – Do you fit in?

*Many more sections. More information in the Job Interview section.

Section 17: Your First 30 days As a Bartender

1. Introduction
2. Stay Out of Trouble
3. Ask Questions
4. The “Eye in the Sky.”

*Many more topics in Your First 30 Days On the Job.

Section 18: Possibilities are endless!

1. Leveling Up
2. Your Priorities Will Change!

*A few more topics, which can be found here.

Section 19: Bar terms and slang

1. An extensive list. Old school vs. new school.
2. Introduction to Bar Terms and Slang

*Only two topics, above, in this section. For a complete list, go here.

Section 20: Course Resources

1. Videos
2. Audio
3. PDF’s
4. Schedules
5. Questions to Ask Working Bartenders
5. Resumes/Cover Letters

*So much more. Find out more here.