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Job Preparation

(Section 15 of the Bartending Course)

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The Bartenders Guide to Job Preparation

Be prepared. Never walk into an interview without at least some preparation. Most times, you’re only going to get one shot at a job interview – so don’t blow it! I’ll show you how to be totally prepared for any interview situation.

Do you know why bar managers don’t hire inexperienced new bartenders? Because these aspiring bartenders don’t go in and apply for the job! That’s it. In a nutshell. They have listened to all the garbage and myths out there that they cannot get hired. Don’t fall for it!

Times are changing – I know I did. I went from hiring only experienced bartenders to taking a really good look at “fresh” applicants. Exceptional Bar Managers are all over the place – and they will hire people who are prepared and interview well. Count on it.

I’m going to show you how to replace bartending experience with other skills: Soft skills, other work experience, and pat answers to interview questions. Stuff no one else is teaching out there.

Buckle up, because this section, along with Section 16 – The Job Interview, is going to blow you away. These two sections are my pride and joy, and I have put countless hours into getting them just right.

I don’t just wing it here. Tips, tricks, and facts based on my 25 plus years of working with and hiring bartenders. No fluff here – just good, solid advice.

Some of the topics covered in Bartender Job Preparation

Introduction to Bartender Job Preparation

It’s a Numbers Game

The Best Action Plan Ever!

Do This First…

Observing Working Bartenders

Pouring Practice

Know the Company’s (Bar) Mission Statement

Online Applications

Scrub Your Social Media

Google Maps

Immediately Before the Interview…


And much, much more….

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