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Bartender Hard Skills

(Section 3 of the Bartending Course)

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OK – So What are the bartending hard skills?

What are hard skills? Physical skills. Pouring liquor, beer, and wine. Setting up the bar, knowing garnishes and glassware, and a whole lot more. Hard skills typically are the physical tasks that a bartender performs during his or her shift.

Every bartending school has a section like this. Some of these “schools” have this section only. The difference with my bartending course is that it is much more comprehensive – but leaves out the “stuff” you really don’t need to know. I’ll also explain how some skills can only be acquired through experience.

Let’s take a closer look here by understanding the different types of skills that a good bartender needs. These skills can be broken down into two general areas: Hard skills and soft skills. We focus on Bartender Hard Skills here in section three.

Soft skills are attributions like communication, problem solving skills, and personality. Demeanor. We’ll get into that in Section 4 – Bartender Soft Skills. Section 3 here is all about the hard skills: pouring liquor, memorizing drinks, knowing the types alcohol (and brands), and setting up a bar. And a whole lot more.

Dig in, and take them one chapter at a time. It’s all about common sense here, and you’ll breeze right through this section – if you pay attention!

Below is a quick list of Some of the chapters in Section 3:

Physical Skills (Like being in reasonably good health and shape)

Front Bar, Back Bar, “Well,”

Setting up/tearing down the bar/side work

Bartender Tools 

Bar Equipment

Soda, Liquor, Wine guns/dispensers

Draft Beer Keg System   

Mixers: Juice, bitters, soda, simple syrup



Cutting fruit


Liquor Pouring Techniques


POS – “Point of Sale” system and equipment

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