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Bartender Customer Service

(Section 10 of the Bartending Course)

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Great Customer Service is the Bartender’s Most Effective Tool

It’s the bar owners’ job to get the people into the establishment. It’s the bartenders job to get them to come back. Again and again. Part of Business 101 is to spend the bar’s marketing dollars wisely. More customers, a full house so to speak, and the bar owner can decrease his advertising costs. Word of mouth is worth is where it’s at.

My definition of Great Customer Service: Simply exceeding the customer’s expectations. You can find all kinds of definitions on the internet regarding customer service – in every industry. The #1 goal of a bartender is to see each and every customer again. Bonus points: They ask for your section, or sit on your side of the bar. It’s that simple.

Let me be very clear here: Customer Service is a tool that is used by restaurant and bar employees to create a great customer experience. Bartenders work hand-in-hand with the bar owner to provide such an experience. Each has his own responsibilities.

Important: One of the most frequently asked questions in a bartender interview is, ” Give me an example of good customer service.” Or words to that effect. In my Bartender Course, I’m going to provide you with some great answers.

Make no mistake – the bar owner is in this business to make money. Why on earth would he do anything that prevents customers from returning? Why would he hire employees that don’t show up for work or are rude to customers? Why would he not try to sell everyone dessert or a house specialty drink? Why would he hire someone who knows nothing about bar sanitation?

Good customer service goes hand-in-hand with the Bar House Policies section. Bar owners and managers will have training on suggestive selling techniques, how to handle complaints, and many other topics that the bar owner implements. I’m going to give you a really good head start on what to expect.

Below is a partial list of some of the topics I discuss in the Customer Service section. Good stuff, and most of these topics and scenarios are just plain common sense. If you genuinely like hanging out with people, you’ll do just fine.

Bartender Customer Service Topics

Introduction to Customer Service

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

The Bar Owner’s Responsibility

The Bartender’s Responsibility

Types of Customers

Top Ten Customer Complaints

Suggestive Selling


Typical Customer Questions – and Proper Answers

Examples of Great Customer Service

Common Scenarios

And don’t forget that all of these lessons will help you during your first 30 day s as a bartender!

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