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Banquet Bartending

(Section 14 of the Bartending Course)

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OK – Explain Banquet Bartending to Me

Banquet Bartending is one of the best, if not the best, way to break into bartending. There’s a huge turnover in this section of the Food & Beverage Industry – and ripe for the picking.

The core skills needed are the same as a bartender working in what we would call a “normal” type of bar – with some differences. I’ll explain everything in detail so you’re prepared to get out there and interview.

One of the reasons why this type of bartending job is so appealing to new bartenders is that you’re almost always working with limited amounts/types of product – liquor, beer, and wine. There’s no room for a large set-up. You will be able to make only a limited amount of different types of drinks.

Additionally, you won’t be washing glasses or taking food orders. Most of the time, that is. Other employees (and the managers), will be re-stocking you – and cleaning up the mess.

Tips? They can be out of this world. What I liked most is the “double tipping.” What I mean by this is that there is almost always a “built in” tip – and most events/hotels will also allow you to display a tip jar. Nice.

Banquet Bartending Topics

Introduction to Banquet Bartending

Types of places


Set-up/Tear Down

Opportunities (Front Bar)


Easier to get a job

Types of functions

Tipping Policies


Management styles

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